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Jennifer Lopez - Booty ft. Iggy Azalea

Please tell me what you guy’s think of this video.

I believe that J-Lo has a beautiful body, especially for her age-but why?

Iggy has um…

I am just tired of the sexual exploitation in the music industry. It’s like you have to show every inch of you to be noticed. You can still show sex appeal and not be smacking your behind every two seconds. When is real music going to become popular again? Is this a real song-or something that has a good beat so we dance along to it?


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Hi I haven't been on here in a minute but happy belated birthday!!!
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Thank you so much :)

"A man in French Guiana used his bare hands to catch a menacing 17-foot anaconda from a river near a friend’s house and put the 175-pound snake in his bathtub overnight until he could relocate the reptile." I just had to share this, I would not go near this thing!! Would you?


I don’t want either of these brothas!!

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I'm taking a honors science & it ain't nothing really but a bunch of white people they're so annoying & they call us dumb but they always saying/doing dumb shit & this white boy that behind me is so annoying he was tapping I asked him nicely to stop , he gonna continue louder & then start tapping on me & then he touched my hair I went the fuck off him . I hate white people
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Having my first drink. 

Well guess its time to start squatting!!

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I don't understand why Khole Kardashian's hair is seen as a black hairstyle? Do you mind explaining it to me? Even though I'm black, I don't see that many black people with cornrows were I live, and I think it's alright for other races to have that type of a hairstyle...I just don't see what's bad about it
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Hairstyles such as braids,cornrows, any hairstyle that black people are known for I can’t stand when white women get them. We get tease or harass over the way we wear our hair. Let a white woman/girl wear their hair that way. All of sudden they are bold, a fashionista, risk taker and all the jazz.  I am just not here for white girls/women rocking “black hairstyles” those hairstyle we were teased for wearing at school, those hairstyles that get our parents in trouble at work. I am simply not here for it.


I feel like Danielle Watts's boyfriend didn't stand up for her at all. Is it just me?
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Its not you, I feel the same way as well.

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What did danelle watts boyfriend do?
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Listen to the tape :)

Kerry Washington is calling attention to an often overlooked form of domestic violence, and she’s doing something about it!

When listening to the narratives of women who have survived abuse, there’s usually a point in their stories where they share how financially dependent they were on their abuser. These women often have to wait until they can save up enough money to make their escape from a bad situation. Now, the “Scandal” star found a creative way to use her love of fashion to help women get back on their feet financially after leaving abusive relationships.

“Finances are almost always a weapon of choice. Taking away access to cash, destroying credit, jeopardizing jobs; financial abuse leaves invisible bruises that can take decades to heal.”

The purple purse, she explains, is a metaphor. Purple is the color of domestic violence awareness, and — as Olivia Pope would know — the purse is the source of a woman’s power.

Through the recently launched Purple Purse Program, a venture she entered into with the Allstate Foundation. As an ambassador for the campaign that aims to educate women about financial abuse,   Kerry used her sense of style to design a fab, wine-colored handbag.

The purse she unveiled Monday is one of three exclusive designs for the campaign, and you can’t snag her bags just anywhere. Only a chosen few will be lucky enough to get their hands on the pieces. For your shot at owning one of Kerry’s purses, you have to donate at least $10 to any organization involved in the purple purse challenge to have your entered in a raffle to win oneof the accessories.

I personally never thought about the financial side of domestic violence. We always ask why women in these situations doesn’t leave, but we never take the time to think of the most important thing that might be holding them back. Money can play a big factor as to why they stay. What do you guys think?  


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What do you think about Danielle Watts and the police? Her bf seems like a dick
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The whole situation just seems annoying and I agree her boyfriend could have done better.