This blog is dedicated to uplift and inspiring black girls/young black women of all shade. To promote black girl positivity unlike what the media portrays us to be. After all we are flawless. Here you will find things regarding the black people so it might not be for everyone.I do not own any of the picture I post, unless I say otherwise.
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I never find him funny to be honest and my friends use to tell me I just don’t have a sense of humor. So let me get this straight Kevin joking about the LGBT community is off-limits because it can be “misconstrued” but joking at dark-skin women is ok? When you are a dark skin man yourself with two dark skin kids one of them is girl and you think its funny to take jabs at them? Is this the kind of treatment you’re hoping for your daughter? Is that how you feel about women who looks like your daughter? What will you tell her when she gets teased about being dark skin uh?   

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    nah me and my boyfriend watched his recent movie/show together and were barely amused.only sometimes.most of the times...
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